What is WaBiz?

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WaBiz is a short form of WAHDAH for business. It is a platform that we provide for company and corporate user to cater their transportation needs. Advantages of WaBiz for company are:

1. Manage their transportation needs

WaBiz is build to help company to manage their transportation needs for their employee, visitor, business partners and other important person in the company. This all-in-one solution can save your time and maximize your company performance from many aspect.

2. Make car rental booking or limousine booking from a same place.

This feature allow you to save your time by making both car rental or limousine booking from one place. All pricing details is clearly state at the web page and company can choose the best car for for their employee.

3. Reduce administrative burden

Retrieve all booking details, expenses and receipt from the user interface itself. This important data can be collect and save directly into your system. No more paper receipt and filing rack, all of it is kept on your system forever.

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