What are the benefits of WaClub Premium Membership program?

Iqsyam Isbah

Last Update vor 3 Jahren

You might think it is worth to spend MYR300 on this membership? The answer is totally YES.

If you are a calculative person, you must be totally agree that MYR300 spend on this membership will surely save more on your money because every booking made, you will get extra 5% discount no matter what vehicle you choose.

Other benefits of WaClub Premium membership are:

  • 1.5 times point rewards for every MYR1/SGD1 spend on booking
  • No deposit is required
  • Extra 5% discount on any booking made and can be combined with other on-going promo
  • Free 10,000 WaPoint memberships upon WaClub Premium membership registration (WaPoint will refer to MYR only)

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