What is the Refundable Deposit?

(WaCash account is auto-create after payment made)

Iqsyam Isbah

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The Refundable Deposit serves as a guarantee of appropriate vehicle usage for the period of the rental. The amount of your deposit will be determined by the length of your rental. The deposit will be collected along with the rental cost at the time of reservation. There is no action required on your part, and an email will be provided to you when the deposit is charged.

Will the deposit refunded to my card?

Your booking deposit will be refunded to the original payment method. However, it is not auto-refunded, you must log in to your WAHDAH account and press "withdraw"

When can I withdraw my deposit?

The "Withdraw" button will be enabled after 15 days of the car being returned. e.g., the car is returned on 1st January, from 16th January onwards, you can log in and withdraw your cash. The "Withdraw" button is just next to the "Top-Up" button.

Can I keep my money in my WAHDAH account without having to withdraw it? 

Certainly! You can keep your cash in your WAHDAH account for future usage. There is no time limit on that.

Can I use the deposit to book a new booking?

Yes, sure. You can use them immediately after your car is returned without having to wait for 15 days of the waiting period. At the payment page, click choose to pay with WaCash .

Will I receive a full refund?

Certainly! You will receive a full refund if the car is returned with no summons or damages reported.

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